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Determination is your middle name, so if you encounter any obstacles on your path, you’ll be able to treat them like minor setbacks and then move on! Nothing is going to stop you. This is especially good news if you have a busy day planned, because even one distraction could disrupt your entire schedule. So stay alert, and at the first sign of trouble, figure out your plan of attack. And keep in mind that sometimes the best plan is to just walk away.

Singles Lovescope

What your love life needs is some pointless adventure. So go out with someone you know is all wrong for you but is charming and adorable. What’s life without a little mischief? (Extremely dull.)

Couple Lovescope

Don’t be evasive today. Communicate openly and honestly with your partner, and they’ll respond with the same openness to you. You’ll spend less time discussing the relationship and more time enjoying it.


You can turn the situation around, emotionally if not financially. Consider yourself up for any challenge, go over all your victories — whatever it takes to be less overwhelmed and feeling good by the end of the day.


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