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Some criticism could be coming your way today, but don’t worry. Your ego can handle it. In fact, your drive for success sort of demands this type of honest feedback from others, so it’s good to build a reputation of being open to it. Thank the people who are giving you constructive criticism, and ignore the people who are just trying to cut you down to make themselves feel better. The difference will be obvious, so you won’t have to worry about who you should listen to.

Singles Lovescope

When it comes to love, what’s right and what’s wrong isn’t always clear. You may be the soul of grace and courtesy, but if a suitor is being a real jerk, you still need to let them know they crossed a line.

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Pay attention to the signals your partner is giving you. They may be telling you something with their body language that they’re too shy to say out loud. Let them know their message is getting through.


Everyone makes mistakes. When one is made in your favor, you’ll be tempted to take the money and run with it. Don’t, because sooner or later you’ll be forced to pay it back. Be compassionate to everyone involved as you point out the error.


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