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Being diplomatic is nice, but today you should feel free to take control. It’s a good time to flex your muscles and step into the spotlight. People around you are going to be more receptive than ever to your suggestions, and they are looking for the new ideas. Romantically, you should push things in the direction you want them to go. If you keep the communication channels open, both of you can take part in this new phase of your relationship.

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Your words might be misunderstood in the strangest ways, so don’t be surprised if you get odd responses. Check out what’s going on more closely rather than just going with your gut.

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A good friend will share a story with you today that seems to have more than one meaning. Perhaps there’s a metaphor there that can offer you some insight into your loved one’s recent actions.


Days like today leave you plenty of time on your hands, and that means you’re more vulnerable to impulse buying. Keep your wallet under wraps, even from you, if that’s what it takes for you to resist.


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