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Negotiations should be avoided today. There is too much division in the various parties. Not everyone is on the same page, and it could cause some conflicts that frustrate your day. So be careful of others and focus on activities that are best done by yourself. Reading, planning, and just thinking about things will be a much better way to use your time.

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Overdoing it is a distinct possibility right now. Practice restraint, especially when it comes to romance and other emotional matters. Letting the hotties find you is a good idea for now.

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It’s tempting to brush those nagging issues aside, but you’ll have to face them eventually. Why not start now? Once you start the conversation with your honey, you’ll find it’s not so bad.


You’re letting money take on human form. It’s not a power struggle, so don’t invest that kind of ego or arrogance into it. Slowly let go, and you’ll see how much energy you’ve wasted on your emotional attachment.



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