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When a friend suggests something that seems way out of character for them, follow up with them about it as soon as possible. This screwy suggestion of theirs could indicate a bigger problem that is going on in their life. Don’t fear ticking them off by questioning their ideas. You won’t. Instead, you’ll be showing them that you’re paying attention! They aren’t testing you, but they will still be glad to see you’re taking care of them.

Singles Lovescope

An influential friend is able to help you score a reservation to the trendiest place in town. You’ll have people lining up to be your date. And lucky you, you get to take your pick!

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One of you is running hot and cold, and with all of these divergent viewpoints flying around, it’s easy to get caught up in a lot of meaningless debate. Rather than dissecting the situation, look for common ground.


You’re not satisfied with your lot in life. In fact, you feel way more deserving. You can still work hard to get what you want, even in today’s economy. And unless you plan on plowing the back forty, there’s simply no other way to make hay.



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