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You’re known for your great advice, but at least one of your people is in a situation they may be too embarrassed to talk to you about. Put out some feelers today. Send a few probing messages and find out what’s up with everyone in your inner circle. You might be able to pull a shy someone out of their shell. Listening skills will come in handy in all sorts of places today, giving you a wonderful excuse to poke your nose into other people’s business!

Singles Lovescope

You thought checkers was suitably low-key, but your friend suddenly turns competitive. Keep your sense of humor. The pursuit of romance involves a contest every now and then.

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Your spirit of independence is second only to your devotion to your partner, and your freewheeling, optimistic way is an inspiration to them now. It’s happy-go-lucky in your world.


You long to get away from it all. Far, far away. Over seas and mountains would still be too close for comfort. The only way you’ll get where you want to be is in your dreams, so let yourself let go.



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