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Singles Lovescope
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The heavens are primed for encounters of the most delightful kind, and there’s a touch of extremely unexpected romance in the air too. This is a lovely combination no matter the zodiac sign. In your case, however, especially if there’s someone you’ve been secretly thinking about and wondering if they’re doing the same, the news is particularly good. Don’t be surprised if you receive an answer to that question via a startling coincidence that brings you two together.

Singles Lovescope

Generosity will strike today. Help a friend move or be a shoulder to cry on. Your magnanimity might place you in the right place at the right time. All it takes is one steamy glance.

Couple Lovescope

Sometimes the two of you need to have it out with each other subliminally. Today is going to be hard to understand, so don’t bother trying. Once this phase is past, you can figure it all out.


You’re having some fun, and in your dictionary that means being with other people. It’s just not a good time if your friends or family aren’t involved. Include them all, as long as you’re not always the one picking up the tab.



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