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Uh oh. You’ve been trying and trying and trying some more to just say no to being mad. Still. But you just can’t seem to get rid of that urge to let go and let you-know-who have it. The problem is that just about everyone around you, even those not ordinarily prone to agreeing with you for brownie points, seems to agree. This one calls for drastic measures. How about a talk? A “state of the relationship” kind of thing? Neutral turf and a chaperone or referee are a must.

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Make a real effort to set aside any expectations and preconceived notions regarding a new person or situation. If you can see it clearly and let it evolve naturally, all will be well.

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It’s time you and your partner got down to brass tacks. Heck, you actually need to nail them in while you’re at it. So identify what needs some work and figure out who’s going to do what.


Don’t think about yourself today. Not only does someone else need your full attention, but the break from your own thoughts will be a healthy one. Stay focused on someone close to you and everything will turn out fine.



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