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After a lot of socializing, you’re finally getting the chance to spend some quality time on your own. You may think you still want to be out and about enjoying the wild life today, but once you get a little taste of solitude, you’ll happily settle right in. This inward phase will afford you the luxury of time. Feel free to ignore the rest of the world (as much as you can) and just spend your day with introspection and relaxation.

Singles Lovescope

The world around you may look like it’s all hearts and flowers, but you’ve got amazing emotional powers (patience, timing, and empathy, for example) that keep you plumbing the depths. What you do now pays off later.

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A busy day may have you just wanting to nest with your partner, but the stars say getting out and doing something different (a nighttime walk, perhaps?) can reinvigorate and restore you.


People you’ve not even met yet will ultimately push you into the black. So get out there and make some new connections, as long as it’s with those who share your principles.



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