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Nobody would call you prodigal. But today you might want to focus even more than usual on conservation. Whether it’s your energy, your gains, the environment, or something else, today should be dedicated to taking stock and making sure everything is as stable as possible. Later, you can harness this energy for some major moves, but right now just make sure there aren’t any leaks in your bucket.

Singles Lovescope

To find the right partner, you need to figure out what gets your blood really pumping. Spend some time alone to get to the heart of what interests you. Your passions should be driving your search to find the best person.

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Things could really go either way between the two of you right now: sweet, sweet bliss or some pretty serious dissent. Maybe make it some of the latter that’s actually productive, followed by the former?


You’ll get an unexpected boost in your mood. If it’s been a while since you’ve impressed anyone, it will come as a welcome surprise. Be open to it, even when interacting with strangers.



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