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Before you get involved in any type of new arrangement or commitment today, get a clearer picture of what you’re really getting yourself into. Take a long, hard look at the people involved. Do you trust them? Do you like them? Can you learn from them? You can’t take other people’s recommendations about what to do at face value. Everyone has a ulterior motive right now. They see things through their own filter and don’t totally understand what is important to you.

Singles Lovescope

Sick of your solitary state? That’s understandable. Just remember that couples get tired of their attached state, too. Do something nice for yourself. Pamper yourself or buy yourself a decadent treat.

Couple Lovescope

Everybody has a secret or two. When your partner is ready to divulge, they’ll speak, and not a moment before. Trying to force the issue might create more of a problem than is absolutely necessary.


If only a financial event on the calendar would stop staring at you, you could stop staring at it. It’s not exactly a show of force, either. Suffice it to say, it’s not as afraid of you as you are of it.



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