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Your internal editor, you know, that little something that intervenes between what goes on upstairs and what you say, is taking the day off. While it’s putting its feet up somewhere and enjoying a drink with an umbrella in it, those around you are subject to your genius-containing monologues, your sudden brilliant plays on words, your outbursts about how the world should be, and more. Just have an apology ready in case you inadvertently put your foot in that open mouth.

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Love isn’t a competition. If it feels like one to you, reexamine the people, priorities, and events involved. A smart, more objective friend can help you see things in a new light.

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Your intuitive powers are at their height. You’re not just able to read between the lines, you can see whole documents. Just remind yourself that knowing these things are true and proving them are two different things.


You want to experience new things in the future, and that’s all the incentive you need to make money while you can. Others may act like they’re still on holiday, but you’re putting your energy to good use. Continue making hay.



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