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Maybe you have your eye on a promotion at work. Maybe your ambition is pointing you in another direction altogether. Are you considering changing workplaces entirely? Or maybe you’ve been nursing some sweet dreams of a career switch. Whatever your goals, today is a good day for moving forward. Don’t forget that an important step toward realizing your ambitions is to be realistic about what’s really happening now.

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Today, you could expend lots of energy to get little done. Choose your tasks wisely. Don’t burn up lots of momentum on starts and stops. Better to have your day planned out to avoid major burnout later this evening.

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Sometimes you just have a feeling about something, but no hard proof. Well, who needs proof? You’re not in a court of law. You’re with your partner. If your instincts are telling you something, it’s time to listen.


Simple comforts never change. Kindness, hospitality, friendship — these are things you can bank on when your financial life is a challenge. Look to them and stay calm.



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