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This is a great day for friendships: making them, strengthening them, and celebrating them! The people you like best are wonderful distractions during the day, and each interaction you have, from phone calls to DMs, will add a lovely spark of sunshine to your life. Savor the time you spend with loved ones. Make each moment count by never assuming they know how you feel. Communicate to new and old friends alike just how much you care.

Singles Lovescope

Be open to new ideas today. The solution to your latest problem could be in an unconventional suggestion. Don’t shoot down the possibilities before you give them a try. Taking risks could pay off.

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Is something holding you and your partner back from that one goal or path you know was meant to be yours? Figure out what’s tying up your plans. Once you do, you’ll see how to cut the cords and move ahead.


It takes cold-hearted calculation to come up with your daily budget. It needs doing first thing in the morning, while you still have the resolve, not to mention the stomach for it. The warmer and more confident you feel as the day progresses, the more likely you will be to loosen up and spend.



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