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Is saving money on your mind? If it isn’t, maybe it should be! Your expenses might be getting out of hand right now, and it’s time to reevaluate your budget and spending habits before things get too far out of your control. Trim back one or two things. Do you have to get coffee or lunch out every day? Are you paying too much for phone, cable, or streaming services? There are many painless changes you can make. Find at least one today.

Singles Lovescope

In the mood for romance? Good, because romance is in the mood for you. Ready or not, here it comes! It’ll find you today even if you’re hiding, so come on out and play.

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Take some time to appreciate some of the little things that make your partner so great. After you’ve thought about it for a while, write them a mushy note that spells it all out. They’ll blush, but they’ll love it.


Should you stay with the program or be flexible? The answer lies somewhere in the middle. Think of yourself as a company and all the busybodies breathing down your neck as your shareholders.



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