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If you want to be more self-sufficient right now, you need to be braver. Instead of waiting for friends to introduce you to new people, sign up with a dating app and start connecting. Call up that company and see if they’re hiring. The things you want in life are a lot easier to get than you realize. Just go for it. Stop waiting for someone to help you. You can do it on your own!

Singles Lovescope

Small talk has its place, but today isn’t one of them. Cut to the chase and tell someone special how you feel about them. They’ll appreciate your candor and you can stop worrying about what-ifs.

Couple Lovescope

Turn over a new leaf and focus on the way you envision your joint future. Let the present take care of itself. You two have plans to make that start with talking.


You’ve had a lot of good energy lately, but today your mind is on anything but the present. Let it wander freely. Exploring your imagination is your most profitable way to spend the day.



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