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If you’re wondering why you’re not getting all the respect you think you deserve, stop to consider if you’re asking for it. Sometimes you have to make a big noise about your accomplishments just so other people can notice and be able to make an even bigger noise. Today, climb up on a rooftop and shout out to the world about your latest accomplishment (or just send a tactfully worded email, whichever seems more practical). Start tooting your own horn!

Singles Lovescope

You wouldn’t buy a new car or computer without doing background research to make sure it suited your needs. Take the same approach with potential partners. Be friends first while you evaluate!

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Try to keep you emotions in check today. Your partner needs you to be strong and supportive while they deal with something on their own. Let them know you’re there when they need you.


Someone you connect with on an intellectual level has just as much fun with it as you do. Brainstorming has never been so satisfying — or so profitable. You both are able to make ample hay.



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