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You haven’t had this much energy in … well, can you ever remember having this much energy? Put it to good use. Take a look around and see what needs to be done. Deal with something you have been procrastinating over — tackle it once and for all. You’ll get it done in a flash and think of how glad you’ll be when it’s finally over.

Singles Lovescope

This date is just a date, no matter how incredible you think this person is. Breathe deeply, listen closely, and pause before you reply. You’ll end up having a great time. And another one. And another one.

Couple Lovescope

A splashy indulgence for your partner is a very generous instinct, but the stars say to hold on and look at the bigger picture. There may be something more solid to spend your money on in the near future.


You can’t afford to be impulsive — and you’re not. You’ve been keeping yourself on a tight leash so long that you hardly turn your head at the shop windows. The results are starting to show so keep up the discipline and hard work.



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