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The drama is all outside your door today, and it’s banging to get in. Luckily, you realized long ago that you don’t have to answer the door if you don’t want to. If this stuff is beginning to become a pattern, consider making yourself less available for such scenes. Remember, you are mobile and you can move (or just walk away). Don’t let the conflicts of others paralyze you or limit where you can go. Give yourself the freedom to explore new areas with or without them.

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A fight with the boss or a tough workplace issue leaves you in no mood for going out — but taking in art, music or some other cultural business is sure to lift you right out of that dark mood!

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Being flexible today will help to deal with whatever surprises come your way. If your partner’s schedule suddenly changes, don’t make a big deal about it. The more accepting you are, the easier it is for both of you.


If it were simply a matter of being greedy, then a lot more people would be rich. Don’t forget that investing is an art form. Much of it depends on your special combination of intellect, experience and personality, so focus on your personal assets.



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