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The comfort of home, friends, and family will help keep you feeling grounded during any troubling or uncertain times. The people who care most about you always have a way of reminding you that the glass is half full, not half empty. So if you’re feeling the need for an influx of positive thinking right now, set aside some time to hunker down and just hang with the folks you care the most about. The big, wild world and all of its adventures can wait for another time.

Singles Lovescope

Your friends will want to know where you get all your energy and share some with them. The next few days could be filled with adventures, and somehow you’re able to do it all! Take your vitamins, get plenty of sleep, and challenge your friends to keep up with you.

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Stick with the familiar today and leave the experimentation for another time. You won’t have to worry about being bored. When you and your partner get together, it’s anything but routine.


You can’t be too critical of others or the numbers they present you. If you’re not sure who you’re dealing with, you’ll figure it out later, the hard way. Get all the facts ahead of time.



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