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It’s odd, but the compliments a stranger gives you will mean much more than what friends or loved ones say about you today. Perhaps there is a tendency for people who know you to be jealous about how fabulous you look or how popular you’ve become, which prevents them from genuinely meaning what they say, and you’ll pick up on it. Try not to get upset that the people you rely on are letting you down in terms of cheering you on. Just let it go today.

Singles Lovescope

Your practical side insists that you pay attention today. Don’t go over budget, no matter how much you want to impress someone, and take care of all chores and assignments before you move on to the fun stuff.

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You’re demanding that your darling treat you with respect, but the stars want to know if you’ve been extending yourself that same courtesy. Circumstances adjust when your self-confidence gets a boost where it counts.


Most of what you want to say is based on rote, not on understanding. Think about it for a while before you attempt to explain your position. If you find that it’s not really your own after all, then don’t bother reaching for your wallet.



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