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Everything must happen in its own time right now. You can’t rush things even if you think it’s for the best. Everyone has a different agenda, and you have to respect the fact that they aren’t on the same time schedule as you. This rule applies to social engagements but even more so to career-related events or projects. Even if you’re the big boss, you simply can’t push people to deliver before they can. Learning to have patience will help you learn how to have accurate expectations.

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Why argue? Does it really matter whether you’re right or they’re wrong? Not when it comes to this particularly trivial issue. The end result isn’t the issue — the principle, in your eyes, is. Let it go and step back from the ire. A sense of surrender is way hot!

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You two are committed to this relationship, but you also understand the importance of doing your own thing and enjoying your own schedules. Other people may not understand, but they don’t need to. You both know it works.


If you believe in yourself, there is no limit to how far you can go today. But if you cower and play it safe, you might as well not even show up. Stick your neck out — and your money and your emotions — and this very well could be your lucky day.



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