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A position you’re put in today could require you to make a tough decision. Do you opt for the choice that’s best for you or the one that’s best for someone else? Avoid the urge to consult other people about what you should do. While getting input is a fine idea, it could end up confusing you in the end if you talk to too many people. Plus, you might come off as someone who doesn’t really know what they’re doing. To protect your reputation, make this call on your own.

Singles Lovescope

Someone who gets your gears spinning can also get the sparks flying, certainly more than that new attractive face plastered over an empty mind. Engage on the mental level and watch for a smarty with unique appeal.

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After all of that hard work and effort, congratulations are in order. You pulled off a coup, and spectacularly so! Don’t forget to thank your partner. After all, they were the power behind the power.


Relaxation is one of life’s necessities, but unfortunately, you just can’t afford any today. The closest you’ll come to a leisurely walk in the woods is the daydreams you’ll conjure up in your head. They’ll do the trick, and they’re free.



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