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Use whatever free time you have today in order to reconnect with someone from your past, or someone who is living a long ways away. Set aside the right amount of time for a long phone call. Don’t call them when you’re waiting in line or at the grocery store! Sit down, get comfortable, and give them the kind of time and focus they deserve. You might not think you have any news to share, but as soon as you start talking, the amusing anecdotes will come.

Singles Lovescope

Watch out for an interesting stranger with offbeat interests. Ask big, leading questions. You can have a great time getting to know them, and they love showing off their smarts. It’s a win/win!

Couple Lovescope

You could be feeling totally overwhelmed right now, and your partner may be too preoccupied with their own business to even notice, much less help. It’s going to be hard to start moving, but you will.


Ah, to bask in the warmth of — money? You’ve got it backwards. They don’t call it cold, hard cash for nothing. Focus more on your heart and less on your wallet if you want real glory.



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