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You can’t let other people’s jealousy get you down. If they feel threatened by your success, that is their problem — not yours. Your job today is to just keep on being smarter and faster. Once you stop caring about what other people are freaking out about, you’ll feel a lot freer — which in turn will help you be even better at what you do! Serve as a good example to others by being honorable and not getting down in the mud with someone full of envy.

Singles Lovescope

Love interests who are ready to go the distance are more concerned with what’s inside than what’s outside. Long conversations and genuine interest in your opinions are two big clues that they’re quality suitors.

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Family isn’t one-size-fits-all. You and your sweetie have friends, coworkers and neighbors who are as important to you as the relatives you were born with. Include them in your definition.


Money and debts are your new companions, and you’re letting them become your task masters. Take away their power over you. Do what you can to pay down your own debts and to forgive what others owe you.



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