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Your imagination is an unpredictable thing. Sometimes it creates an idea for your future that is possible and positive. And sometimes it comes up with darker, worst-case scenarios. Obviously, that thinking gets you nowhere, so you need to switch things over to the sunnier side of the mental street in order to make any progress. In order to ensure you keep thinking positively, surround yourself with people who know how to get things done.

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Your creative side is out in the open now, and the right people are sure to find your imaginative powers extremely appealing. You can also assess situations and people rapidly and accurately.

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You’re more sensitive than ever today, which can be helpful when you’re navigating tricky social nuances and dealing with your honey. However, it can also hinder you if you feel like you’re being mocked.


Organize your finances before you go to a family function. Not only will you need that piece of mind, but you’ll be called on to answer a question and you’ll have to think on your feet. Your heart is in the right place and you want to be sure it shows.



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