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You’ve never been a fan of going to bed angry or even just uncertain about feelings, for that matter. If you and someone close have unresolved issues, don’t let them continue any longer. Lure them over to your place, maybe with the promise of one of your amazing home-cooked meals, and don’t let them even think about leaving until you’ve cleared the air. There’s just no substitute for honesty, and you know it.

Singles Lovescope

With flirtation skills as fantastic as yours are now, you have no choice but to start flirting ASAP! See if some coworkers or pals will join you for an evening out, and put your charm and charisma to good use.

Couple Lovescope

Hidden agendas blur the best intentions. Show your true feelings and encourage your beloved to do the same. Stop wasting time trying to put together puzzles with missing pieces.


Just when your plans seem to be working, you’re ready to chuck them for something altogether new. Are you afraid of success or do you really have something much more lucrative in mind? That question is impossible to answer, but you’ve never been one to hedge your bets anyway.



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