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With all the new faces you’re meeting and greeting right now, your brain is going into overdrive. This is the beginning of a very fun period for you, but it comes at a tiny price. With all of this stimulation, you should be prepared for your mind to wander just a bit. Forgetfulness doesn’t have to be a hindrance for you, though. Sometimes a little absentmindedness helps by enabling you to pay attention to the bigger issues. Let the small stuff fall by the wayside.

Singles Lovescope

Beat the blues with some fun socializing. You’ll be more than ready to crawl out of that shell. Meet up with friends to go over plans for the next few days or invite that crush out to dinner.

Couple Lovescope

You can read your partner with much greater ease today thanks to an intuitive grasp of their body language and other signals that don’t usually register quite as clearly between you.


Do you want to see an action movie or a romance? Remember when the choices in your life were that simple? Let them be again, if only for the day. Block out all thoughts of money.


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