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A few last-minute changes could be required of you today, especially if you’re going to be traveling or involved in a meeting of some sort. The good news is that your brain is sharp and firing on all cylinders, and you will be able to adapt and ride whatever waves come along. In fact, you’ll get quite an ego boost out of being able to handle with grace and aplomb the twists and turns that the day throws at you. People will be amazed and impressed!

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Don’t worry about things you can’t control. It’s totally in your nature to beware of unforeseen problems, but needless fretting is seriously counterproductive. Keep your mind in the present and tackle issues that can be helped.

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Enjoyable surprises and unexpected visits bring light and joy to your day. Don’t be shocked if all these happy events also trigger a major breakthrough in this relationship. A new era is about to dawn.


Feeling weird? Figure out why instead of trying to ignore the feeling altogether. There are deep-seated issues with authority that are keeping you from moving forward in life, and they have to be addressed. There’s no time like today.


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