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An innocent comment that someone makes might irk you, but keep in mind that this person is just trying to help. Of course, this kind of help is the last thing you need! If you aren’t ready to hear other people’s versions of the truth, let them know (in no uncertain terms). Your ego is exceptionally sensitive lately, partially due to a power struggle that you lost. If you take some time to lick your wounds, you will be back on track and feeling confident soon.

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Watch who you pick a fight with! The coworker you accuse of stealing your yogurt could turn out to be your online prospect or the set-up your pal has been talking about for weeks. Be careful.

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You’ve got that electric energy where you’re interrupting each other because you’re so eager to say what you’ve got to say. Generating fresh and fabulous ideas together now is a snap.


Someone is trying to talk to you about something important, when all you want is chitchat. It’s the old money conversation again. You want to be far, far overseas but your only escape is your mind. Let yourself drift away.


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