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A fresh energy surrounds you today and helps you feel more centered than you’ve felt in a long while. You’ve been asked to take sides – by both sides! And a lesser human being would consider it an impossible position to be in, but not you. Early on, you’ll see a way to navigate through this sticky situation without offending or annoying anyone. You’ll find a common thread. Hold on to it for all you’re worth.

Singles Lovescope

Everything just seems a little too routine lately — it’s time to spice things up. If you haven’t changed your online profile, liven it up today. Take an alternative route home. You may discover the future love of your life waiting for the bus. You never know!

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You’re almost certainly feeling great about where the two of you are in terms of your relationship, so speak up! Tell your partner how you’re feeling, and listen closely to their response.


You’re used to getting caught up in the soap opera of your own life. But when there’s not much going on, you’re susceptible to overdoing it in other ways. Over eating and over spending can seriously affect your physical and financial health today, so be careful.


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