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You’re a little bit off of your game right now, but it’s not the end of the world to be reminded that you have some limitations! Today, keep things simple and you’ll start to feel more in charge. Just focus on planning simpler tasks that require less attention to detail and if something causes you to get confused, leave it for another day. The good news is that anything social should be a breeze for you right now. Your energy is fed by meeting new people.

Singles Lovescope

Take time out to really appreciate the beauty that surrounds you every day. Look at some art. Stop and smell the flowers on your jog. Really listen to the music that makes your heart sing.

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Communication will be really important for the next few days. Work to make sure you and your loved one understand each other. Misunderstandings now could affect you down the road.


Don’t go overboard, whether you’re feeling physical or intellectual or anything in between. Make it a day of moderation in all things, especially where spending is involved.


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