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Someone nearby might start to preach when you come near, but you don’t have to provide an audience, especially if you have your own life to lead, and you very definitely do, right? If you feel up to it, go ahead and engage them in a little open-minded debate. You might expose them to a different point of view that they’ve never considered. You can make that your good deed for the day.

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Have you been wanting to try something that seems just a bit far out? Now’s the time to go for it. Gather up your friends for a group outing no one will soon forget.

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Laughter isn’t simply the best medicine, it’s one of life’s saving graces. Look for the funny side of events with your partner, and see if your whole perspective doesn’t turn around completely.


The good thing about keeping all your bills to yourself is not having to hear anyone else’s advice. The bad thing is, well, you’re not hearing anyone else’s advice. Someone has a useful way of looking at money that just won’t occur to you on your own. Seek them out.


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