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Why on earth would you turn to other people to get validation about what you’re doing? An outside evaluation may feel more valuable than your own opinion right now, but in reality it’s only what you think about yourself that matters. Other people see things through their own filters and color things with their own issues, agendas, or even jealousy. Without any guilt or compromise, you should feel confident about what you’re doing and take pride in what you’ve already done.

Singles Lovescope

A promising start fizzles, and this seems to be an annoying trend recently. Just think of it as practice for when the real event comes along. In the meantime, you’re simply sharpening your small talk skills.

Couple Lovescope

You’re going to appreciate your sweetie’s charms more than ever, thanks to a combination of good energy and a nice surprise that lands at just the right time. Be sure to say so!


It might feel like you’re in a mud wrestling match with money, but actually you’re in the ring all alone. The power struggle is all internal. Knowing that should free you up enough to make more profitable use of your efforts.



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