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Things are about to equalize in your life, so get ready to enjoy a healthier, more balanced period. This is a great time to examine one of your closer relationships. You have the proper perspective on the people you care most about, and they’re open to having a deeper discussion than you two have ever had before. Open up and be vulnerable. Just make sure that the conversation doesn’t upset the balance you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Singles Lovescope

Often the best way to handle a dark, moody day is to just let it happen for a while. Go right ahead and put off those calls, or plan a night alone with movies and comfort food. When you’re all done, let the feeling pass.

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You should pay careful attention to your dreams tonight. There could be a big clue that will help you figure out what to do next. Your partner can wait one more day.


Criticizing someone for their relationship style is counter productive. The bottom line is still just that. Reminding yourself of the precise number will help you deal with this particular affiliation.



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