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Grab your whistle, zinc oxide, and floatation device before you head out the door this morning, because you could end up being a very valuable lifeguard for the people in your life. There will be some sharks swimming the waters, and an unsuspecting friend might need your words of warning to keep from getting dragged under. Your critical eyes have perfect 20/20 vision, so look around for other trouble spots. Protecting the people you love is part of who you are.

Singles Lovescope

Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, and you’re capable of finding loveliness in the most unusual places and people now. Leave the popularity contest winners to others. Someone unique will win your heart.

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Just because you were right once doesn’t mean you always are, and vice versa. Take a chance. It’s time for you two to stop living in the past. Statistically, you’re both starting fresh with every new venture.


You have visions dancing in your head, but not of sugar plums. Sadly, they’re of bills. You can’t stop thinking about the consequences of your actions. You’ll have a hard time finding any like-minded people to support you in your efforts to stay within budget.



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