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Okay, so it’s expensive. And really quite lavish. But it’s not for you; it’s for someone else. Doesn’t that help justify the expense? Maybe, maybe not. Just be sure you really can afford it before you throw down the cash. If you’re doubtful, settle for something a little less expensive but equally meaningful. They really couldn’t care less about how much it costs, by the way. They’re far more interested in your thoughtfulness.

Singles Lovescope

If you’re uncertain (even a little) about some person or situation, your first instinct could be to shut your eyes and plug your ears. Your heart could actually learn something here, though.

Couple Lovescope

Getting started on a fresh project together may sound like a perfect idea, but the stars say the two of you will have better luck finishing something first or relaxing and doing nothing at all!


Your major alliances are vulnerable to attack. Money has a way of eroding even the deepest of relationships. As long as they are strictly business, you can leave yourself free of emotional devastation. Shake off the bad feelings and work on repairing the weak spots.



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