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You’ll be in the mood to mix things up today, which is healthy. Changing your approach or style every now and then is a good idea. Just be sure not to stray too far from your usual routines, or else you will get too preoccupied with managing people’s reactions! You might still shop at the same online stores for your outfits, but pick out some new colors you don’t usually wear. Change is good, but it shouldn’t come too abruptly right now. You should always stay true to who you are.

Singles Lovescope

Everything feels exciting now! Enjoy it as much as you can, but don’t feel rushed into commitments you know you’re not ready for. You’ve got plenty of time. It’s a good idea to go slowly.

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It’s all about values now, so make sure that your every move, especially when it comes to your relationship, truly reflects what you think is important. Don’t be righteous. Just act rightly.


You can’t get a handle on teamwork. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t work within the group. Is it you or them, or does it even matter? The last thing you need is a lecture about it, even if it’s from you. Let yourself be the outlier today. It pays off.



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