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If you’re still preoccupied by a career issue, you need to have a conversation with someone you trust before it turns into a career crisis. These concerns aren’t going to go away unless you share your woes. Keeping it all bottled up inside will only increase your stress and make the problem seem bigger than it is. Get a fresh perspective from someone who has been there before. They’ll have some sound advice that can help you relax and see a new way to handle things.

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Now is the time to catch up with someone you’ve lost touch with, maybe an ex? You should have a great time filling each other in, and you might find there’s still a spark ready to be rekindled.

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Watch for a flash of intuition and an opportunity to put your heart on the line. All your planning and dedication are wonderful, but a grand gesture shows how you truly feel.


There is simply no way to have even a superficial understanding of your finances right now. At least you’re not alone. The general chaos is dying down, but only the enlightened few have it all figured out. The new financial world order is bringing out some interesting new preacher types.



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