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In this new push of yours to take more control over your future, don’t forget that a big part of being industrious is calling upon other people to help you. While you certainly shouldn’t depend on others to do things for you, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out and using your connections. After all, if you don’t use a connection, after a while you lose it. Call in a few favors, and be sure to make it clear to these folks that you know how to show the proper amount of gratitude.

Singles Lovescope

Coming on too strong is sure to dash your chances of impressing that new hottie. Don’t look desperate for attention — if you keep your cool, you can look forward to much hotter affection in the near future.

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With stars in your passion sector, don’t be surprised if you and your partner find yourselves more affectionate than ever. Even a weeknight dinner becomes a visit to fantasyland right now.


Steer clear of someone especially combative today. You have no interest in a knockdown, drag-out fight. Money issues are particularly touchy subjects, so avoid those particular triggers at all cost.



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