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You could be making incredible progress in a business deal right now, but you’ll have to be careful not to push things too far too fast. Not everyone is on the same page as you right now, and you must be aware of that. Plus, there is a bit of instability around you right now (it’s nothing to be concerned about) that could put you off track for a few days if you aren’t prudent in your actions. Spend and act modestly, and don’t waste your energy.

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If it’s been too long since you last exercised, it’s definitely time to pump new life into your fitness regimen! Your health is (obviously) important, but if that doesn’t inspire you enough, think about how awesome you’ll look!

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It can feel as if you have no choice right now, but is that the case? Talk it over with your sweetheart. Another perspective can help you see the way out, especially if a work situation’s on your mind.


There is action worth noting. You’ll either be making a boat load or bailing furiously. But either way, there will be a reason to mark the date.



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