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Libra Daily Forecast

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You could be zooming along at a brisk pace all day today, that is, until you run headfirst into a wall of emotions. Triggered by a fiery argument, a surprising revelation, or even a simple bit of news, these emotions will stop you in your tracks and cause you to put your life on pause for a little while. Just go slowly and work your way through these feelings. Let yourself process things however you need to. Ask for time alone if you need it.

Singles Lovescope

Rather than settle into one scene this evening, plan to skip around and do whatever suits your fancy. You’re like a social shark. Keep moving and you’ll do more than survive, you’ll thrive.

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Is keeping something a secret from your partner really such a swell idea? The stars say it might just be time to spill it. Communication and trust are what love’s all about.


You’re ready to call in any and all debts owed to you. It seems like the rest of the financial world is doing the same, so why shouldn’t you? Remember to take the high road while you’re at it. Forgiving some and putting the screws to others is the right way to handle things.



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