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When you’re feeling this positive, it’s easy to see how those good feelings might be contagious. Go ahead and spend some time with the people you love. Make them laugh, dole out a whole bunch of hugs, and be sure that they all understand that you’d do anything to make them feel good now. Oh, and don’t be surprised if the person you love most teases you into doing their bidding. Not that you’ll mind, of course.

Singles Lovescope

Your romantic future looks bright, especially if you take advantage of today’s big opportunities. Watch out for interesting new events and make a date with an online hottie.

Couple Lovescope

You’ve been directing a lot of energy toward work but not necessarily getting the results you want. Shift your focus to your personal life for a while. You partner will be glad you did.


Wherever you are, you can’t wait to be somewhere else, and it shows. You’ll get a few important noses bent out of shape if you don’t offer up some sort of explanation. Every connection cut is money lost.



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