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They’ve opened the door — well, reopened it, actually — and you’re feeling a bit suspicious about why. It’s okay. When someone has been absent for this long, anyone with a brain would wonder why they were being welcomed back with open arms so quickly. Still, don’t cheat yourself out of a reunion by wondering too much. It’s entirely possibly they’ve come to their senses and realized how much they miss you.

Singles Lovescope

Put any plans in motion this morning, and make sure everyone’s on the same page. Late afternoon could send some communication snafus your way.

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Don’t get haughty in a lover’s quarrel. You’ll just end up eating your words later on. You don’t have to give in, but be fair and respectful and things will turn out fine.


Things change both quickly and slowly. That may sound like a contradiction in terms, but it’s just a matter of perspective. Do your best to look at things in a way that’s both logical and inspiring.



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