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If you wake up feeling blue, remember that you can turn things around. You can start to feel better as soon as you start thinking good thoughts. Toss out your worries, your fears, and your preoccupation with unconstructive things. It’s important to feel your feelings and give yourself time to process them, but there comes a point when you just have to say no to negative thinking. To help switch your emotional gears, talk to a funny friend.

Singles Lovescope

This is a favorable time to make connections. Or reconnections. Is there someone from your past you want to get back in touch with? Send a message and invite them back into your life.

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Curious about other cultures? Watch some travel documentaries about places you’ve always wanted to visit. Discover other countries without leaving home. Then plan your next trip with your partner.


Review your budget. You’re more thrifty and conservative than usual. You and the rest of the world, that is. Don’t waste time fearing you’ll appear cheap.



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