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Even if you’re not feeling in an aggressive or can-do kind of mood when you wake up today, you definitely need to try to get as active as you can as soon as you can. If you have a long-distance trip planned, an early start will yield a surprising type of upgrade. If you’re preparing for a typical day, a faster pace will create a lot more entertainment value than usual, and your day will take you in a pleasant and extremely stimulating direction.

Singles Lovescope

You’re the center of attention now. Your social standing is highlighted, and you should make a sweet connection soon.

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Watch for challenges in the work arena now, and watch out for bringing that energy into your relationship. Find a way to remove stress, and be mindful of adopting a different approach after hours.


You’re only postponing the inevitable, even if it feels like you’re holding onto the last shred of security and stability. But the inevitable has to wait one more day anyway, with or without your denial, so try to relax and enjoy life.



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