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Even if it’s been a long day, and it probably has been, your usual bedtime won’t feel like bedtime. Rather than just lying there trying to think of some way to make yourself tired before dawn arrives and the birds start singing (which will sound much more like screaming, at that point), how about giving in and planning something that will tire you out? You’ll think of something.

Singles Lovescope

Your boss thinks they know best even when it comes to your love life. Listen to the suggestions, but make decisions based on your own instincts and theories.

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Emotions could fluctuate wildly, so calm down before speaking with your partner about anything heavy. No one wants a big blowout. Wait until you can comment without anger, then dive in.


Don’t waste your talents on those who don’t appreciate them! Your friends and family may have grown a bit bored, but it doesn’t take much creativity to impress strangers. And you never know when someone new you connect with will lead you to a profitable project or a new money making idea.



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