Daily Forecast Libra 12-02


Libra Daily Forecast

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You’re not exactly lazy, but you’re not exactly motivated either. This is probably due to a perceived lack of excitement in today’s activities. But what you might think sounds boring could actually turn out to be totally enthralling, if you open your mind to it. Plaster a smile on your face and tell yourself that this is going to be fun! It’s not about lying to yourself; it’s about expecting the best.

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You’re a real workhorse at the moment, and you could even have a tendency to get a bit stressed out. It’s not the most romantic state of mind, but it’ll pass. In the meantime, take good care of yourself.

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The plans you set in motion a while ago are beginning to show results. Don’t be shy about bragging to your partner. They’ll be happy to hear about what you’ve accomplished.


You have various compartments in your brain where you store information. Behind Door Number One is a wild party and behind Door Number Two is a boring lecture. Both can come in handy today — if you know which one to open when.



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