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Listen to your internal voice today. The whispers in the back of your mind are speaking the truth. No matter what other people say, don’t let them push you into doing anything that doesn’t feel right. Whether it’s something as minor as going out to lunch or as major as signing a legal document, you need to be the one driving yourself to do it. Make sure you’re comfortable with everything you get involved with. Don’t respond to pressure, no matter how strong it is.

Singles Lovescope

Exercise not only keeps you fit but also keeps stress in check. But you don’t have to endure a sweaty routine alone. Get a friend to work out with you, or go for a jog with that cutie you’ve been admiring from afar.

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Yes, you’re the king of the jungle, but for a relationship to work you’ve got to grant your partner co-ruler status. Make sure they know they’re wearing an imaginary crown as brilliant and bejeweled as your own.


When it comes to getting out of this financial mess, everyone’s got an opinion. Seeing their ideas put into action is another story. Don’t invest until they put their money where their mouth is.



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