Daily Forecast Libra 12-07


Libra Daily Forecast

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A lot of details are still up in the air about a big event or adventure, and some exciting travel plans might have to be put on hold a little bit longer. Unfortunately, the uncertainty around you will only grow for the next few days. If you can increase activity in your life right now, you will be able to concentrate on keeping yourself calm and positive about not knowing everything all the time. Let the Universe take you where you’re supposed to go.

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Your instinct may be to take a piece of seemingly random advice with the proverbial grain of salt, but there’s something sweet for you there. Look closer and see what you can use.

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You know, some days all the pieces just slide into place and the whole mechanism moves forward. Some days you two are a little bit stuck. Don’t sweat it.


You can’t afford to dive in without a good bit of certainty about the outcome. Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking you’ll figure it out as you go. If the results aren’t guaranteed, don’t take out your wallet.



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